Fees and Billing


Fees and Billing


Private Services

The Elms Family Medical Centre is a private clinic offering concession rates for normal appointments to holders of a pension card, a low-income Health Care Card, and children under 16 years of age. The concession rate for weekday appointments is equivalent to $25 out of pocket, and on Saturday is equivalent to $30 out of pocket.

Private consultation fees apply to all Work Cover and Transport Accident Commission patients. Concession rates are not applicable. The patient can claim their rebate directly from the insurer. The rebate amount paid by the insurer may be less than our clinic fees.


For private consultations, our fees are based on the Australian Medical Association (AMA) recommended rates.

     Consultation Type Clinic Fee Your Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket
       Standard appointment (15 minutes) $90.00 $41.20 $48.80
  Long appointment ("double") $166.00 $79.70 $86.30
  Prolonged appointment ("triple") $255.00 $117.40 $137.60
  Tele-health appointment (15 minutes) $90.00 $41.20 $48.80
  Pregnancy visit (15 minutes) $100.45 $51.65 $48.80
  New Mental Health Care Plan $186.00 $99.70 $86.30
  Review of Mental Health Care Plan $127.35 $78.55 $48.80
  Yellow Fever vaccination $196.00 No rebate applicable $196.00
  Intra-Uterine Device insertion $235.00 $87.80 $147.20
  Vasectomy $650.00 $214.05 $435.95
  Other surgical procedures Ask your doctor Ask your doctor Ask your doctor
  Non-Attendance fee $40.00 No rebate applicable $40.00


Treatment Room Charges For Elective Procedures

A treatment room booking fee of $40.00 is payable by all patients when making an appointment for elective procedures. This is non-refundable unless the appointment is cancelled with at least 24 hours notice. The booking fee is waived in certain circumstances, such as in an emergency.

Patients are charged a private fee by their doctor for performing a procedure; this is separate from the booking fee. A concession rate may apply to holders of a pension card, a low-income Health Care Card, and children under 16 years of age. Please discuss with your doctor the expected out of pocket cost before proceeding.


Bulk-Billed Services

Veterans' Affairs Gold Card holders for normal appointments.

Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) consultations for General Practice Management Plans (GPMP) and Team Care Arrangements (TCA).

45+ Health Checks and 75+ Health Checks.

Appointments with the nurse for childhood and adult immunisations (excluding Yellow Fever).

Appointments with the nurse for wound care. However, the patient may be required to purchase their own dressing supplies for long-term wound management.


Your Medicare Rebate

Your Medicare rebate is the amount that the Australian Government contributes toward your medical treatment. Bulk-billing is when a health care provider accepts your Medicare rebate as the sole payment for a medical service. Since the beginning of Medicare in 1984, the Government has not increased your rebate in line with inflation, resulting in an out of pocket cost for many appointment types.



Full payment on the day of consultation is required; we are unable to accept payment of just the out of pocket amount. Patients who have registered their banking details with Medicare can have their rebate automatically deposited into their nominated account.


Should you have a problem with payment, please discuss this with our reception staff prior to your appointment.